The nbglobals module

To get started with variable values you’ve computed in earlier notebooks as fast as possible, use conveyor.nbglobals by setting import_globals to True when running a notebook.

conveyor.run_notebook("<notebook_name.ipynb>", import_globals=True)
from conveyor.nbglobals import <any variable 1>, <any variable 2>, ...

While you can use * to import a former workspace in its entirety, this is not recommended. It is likely variables between notebooks may end up mixing in unexpected ways and cause confusion.

Importing multiple notebooks in this way adds to and updates conveyor.nbglobals, meaning multiple notebooks can be run and provide data to a current notebook like so:

conveyor.run_notebook("<notebook_one.ipynb>", import_globals=True)
conveyor.run_notebook("<notebook_two.ipynb>", import_globals=True)
conveyor.run_notebook("<notebook_three.ipynb>", import_globals=True)

from conveyor.nbglobals import <variable from notebook 1>,
         <variable from notebook 2>, ...

Please note that NbResult objects in prior notebooks cannot be imported using this method.